Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Video Concierge

What is a videoconferencing concierge? Great question. It’s actually a work in progress. I will not bore you with the details of my odyssey.....

I’ve been kicking around the IT world for quite some time and have have had some key technical positions with some world class companies.When given the chance to learn Video conferencing early on I balked....who needed all of those high level corporate types yelling at me when a notoriously unreliable technology failed, and believe me it did!

Over the years, I embraced it and began to understand videconferencing was not the boogie man technology I had once thought it to be. If presented properly, t could be a top notch way of collaborating

A VC Concierge is a video meeting planner and facilitator. For the business person who does not have access to a company or private video suite.

I select and secure high end public digital meeting spaces (equipped with state of the art, well maintained video connections and all of the peripherals needed for a successful meeting).

I am rather fluent in most desktop video technologies. 

I schedule
I test
I facilitate

Show Up
You Meet
You leave and are home in time to have dinner with your family

Pretty Simple

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