Saturday, June 12, 2010

Video Conference Concierge

What is a videoconferencing concierge? Great question. It’s actually a work in progress. I will not bore you with the details of my odyssey.....

I’ve been kicking around the IT world for quite some time and have have had some key technical positions with some world class companies.When given the chance to learn Video conferencing early on I balked....who needed all of those high level corporate types yelling at me when a notoriously unreliable technology failed, and believe me it did.

Over the years, i embraced it and began to understand videconferencing was not the boogie man technology I had once thought it to be. If presented properly, t could be a top notch way of collaborating

A VC Concierge is a video meeting planner and facilitator. For the business person who does not have access to a company or private video suite.

I select and secure high end public digital meeting spaces (equipped with state of the art, well maintained video connections and all of the peripherals needed for a successful meeting)

I schedule
I test
I facilitate

Show Up
You Meet
You leave and are home in time to have dinner with your family

Pretty Simple

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Video conferencing has been around for quite some time, but only recently become a viable business communications tool, It’s day has arrived.

Technology and the “Green Movement” are converging! Video Conferencing is emerging as a key way to exchange information and ideas in the 21st Century

Businesses wishing to partner with staff or clients in remote locations; from home, at alternative offices on a vast campus, with business partners in distant offices.

Video on a desktop, at users’ fingertips, the desire for ‘instant’ partnership will encourage the adoption and regular use of video conferencing. Gone are the days of choppy video and delayed voice.

Successfully Video Conferencing does not mean taking on a large staff. Even a small company can successfully use it, and keep it cost effective. I'm a video concierge. In future posts, I'll explain

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video Conferencing and Travel Avoidance, One Company's Story

This is an interesting story about one small company's strategic use of video technology and how it contributed to it's bottom line.

Shot using a hand held camera in front of a video monitor, it's crude yet effective in describing a real life example of how the strategic use of video helped reduce travel costs while enabling them to "compete with the big boys."

A Typical Collaborative Work Space

A High Definition video codec,computer inputs for data sharing, notebook inputs, a white board and minimum 45" high definition screen.

I'd rather sit in this room and meet, then travel coach on a
cramped, overheated airplane.